Arson Intera: there was video surveillance

The attack on “inter”

Published footage of the attack on the TV station.

In a network there was video surveillance that captures the moment of an arson of a premise of the newsroom of the TV channel “inter”. Video published on the YouTube channel Details.

The video shows how a group of people in masks and helmets duck into the office channel. They sprayed the fire extinguisher on the guards, and then torched the place.

4 September in Kyiv near the building of the TV channel inter started the protest are unhappy with the policy of the channel. Between the protection channel and protesters came to blows, in the building of inter started the fire. As a result, police detained six of the protesters.

Today, protesters who blocked the television station inter, said that he held talks with the leadership of the channel, which was reached a number of agreements. The user inter refutes this.

The employees of “inter” has shown the effects of fire

Scandal on inter

The EU called for full investigation into the attack on “inter”

Activists remove the blockade of inter

Under the “inter” was not allowed a car with sand for barricades

Inter about the blockade: the situation is critical

Activists not allowed employees of “inter” in the office

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