At the headquarters of ATO say that experts are already trying to regain control over the page in Facebook

Experts already work over restoration of the control page of the press center of staff ATO in Facebook. This was in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine” said the speaker of the press center of staff ATO Ivan Arefiev.

“Now experts understand this question, the page was hacked,” said Aref.

He also said that in the ATO zone from 00:00 to 22:00 recorded 27 attacks by militants.

Under fire appeared Avdeevka and Luhansk. Fired machine guns, small arms and grenade launchers.

Aref also commented on the situation in the areas, which should be raising parties.

“Near the Village Lugansk the situation is difficult, but controlled, access to the Golden and Peter the situation is under control, but near Peter’s withdrawal suspended”, - said the speaker.

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As reported tonight, the hacker organization Sprut hacked page of the press center of staff ATO in Facebook. With a hacked page they posted a few posts separatist content, changed profile picture and posted a video.