Authorities have invented Ukrainians “cultural basket” we’ve got to find the money for filling

Власти придумали украинцам "культурную корзину", осталось придумать деньги для ее наполнения

“Put 12 books a year. Then let the book pay salary supplements. And when readers will sweep away everything from the shelves, will have coupons on books issue,” this article in the Facebook the Director of the publishing house “Folio” Alexander Krasovitsky responded to the “minimal cultural basket”. Sounds lame, even to become the latest masterpiece of bureaucratic thinking. However, it is the formation and approval of the minimum cultural basket” features in the priority Plan of the government for 2017. And the minimum standards for the provision of cultural services, the Cabinet promises to develop until the end of the second quarter. That is, in the beginning of may they should be made public.

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Suggests a direct analogy with the consumer basket, which in Ukraine, considering the national culinary specificity, also called “Borschev set”. Its contents concerned the malnutrition of citizens, the Cabinet reviewed in October last year. Have the norm, which is not all guess. Able-bodied man is guaranteed for a year 99 kg of bread, 95 kg of potatoes, 28 kg of cabbage, 25 kg of cucumbers and tomatoes, 16 kg of beef, 8 kg of pork, 2 kg of fat. If an adult does not comply with Ukrainian positions, the state will provide him 43 grams of beef, 5 grams of fat, and 271 grams of potatoes a day. Now it is clear, considering the rate of consumption, the Ukrainian government determines the minimum salary of 3,200 hryvnia per month.

We must not forget that the money an adult spends as socks, underwear, soap and toothpaste – these costs there is a separate market basket. Do not forget about public transport. Here one would not include a minibus, but the vast majority of districts such alternatives like public transport, long gone and soon will not be. A separate item of expenditure is communal, inclusive, with the cost of heating. However, it’s nice that the Cabinet finally woke up and realized that in addition to fat, toothpaste and new socks Ukrainian needs in the cultural product.

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The irony about 1 book per month for every Ukrainian is understandable. For example, the implementation of government decisions publishers will print 40 million books at the rate of one to execute monthly norm of consumption of a cultural product. Per year the industry must provide respectively 480 million positions. If the cost of one book to put in the total consumption basket of the state, it theoretically will have to debug from 60 to 80 UAH, the minimum wage for the purchase of books. Even simple math in this case is very pleasing because in this case, the publishers are busy working and do not complain. Nearly half a billion books that are guaranteed to buy, it sounds like a powerful industry.

And away jokes, because in fact, good intentions of the Cabinet to reclaim the Ukrainians kind of decision rested in the total absence of places where the Ukrainian will receive a “cultural service”. If in each district there is at least one market, and the market consumer will buy lard, soap, and socks, a book of Ukrainian nowhere free to buy even in the regional center. Remembering the planned economy of Soviet times, it is worth noting that any residential district at the time of creation of the project of development envisaged on the territory of kindergartens, libraries, have one movie theater and one bookstore. Not to mention this sacred structure as the “DC” acronym has remained, until now, the so-called regional Palaces of culture, where there are all conditions for holding concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibitions and other “cultural” events.

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When the Cabinet attended to the improper receipt of Ukrainians “cultural product,” primarily to ensure the sources of filling the “cultural basket”. Talking about bookstores and libraries. And the first should be several in every town and one in town, and the second should be regularly updated with relevant literature. Also, do not forget about the theaters, because of the law on state support for cinema is small, it is necessary that this movie could see citizens paying for the ticket. It is also important that our theaters had playgrounds for touring not only in the regional centers. Here is write a modern scene for concerts. And this is already possible to dance, forming a “cultural minimal”. Because without areas where cultural services can freely receive the above-mentioned “cultural” standards will remain on paper.

Andrii Kokotiukha

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