Biathlon. France’s first single mixed relay

Биатлон. Франция первая в сингл-миксте

The first day of the World Cup in Ostersund, Sweden ended the triumphs of France in the single-mixed doubles.

After mixed relay in östersund was held today and the race in a relatively new discipline – single mixed relay. Most powerful the two to the track put the French team, giving the opportunity to obratitsya their leaders – Marie Dorin habert and Martin Fourcade.

It is not surprising that this couple dealt with all the opponents, bringing his closest pursuers 16 seconds. Shooting the French were second, using just four spare rounds (behind only Switzerland).

As for the performances of the national team of Ukraine, the Duo in the face of Iryna varvynets and Fatty Alexander was not impressed. Good shooting (5 additional cartridges) were greased slow progress on the highway, as a result – 9th place and almost 2.5 minutes behind the winners.

Ostersund. Combined single relay.

1. France (0+4) 35:43.5

2. Austria (0+6) +16.0

3. Germany (0+5) +25.2

4. Sweden (0+8) +1:20.8

5. Kazakhstan (0+8) +1:28.8

6. Switzerland (0+3) +1:39.3

7. Canada (0+7) +1:44.7

8. Russia (1+9) +1:59.8

9. Ukraine (0+5) +2:26.9

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