Biathlon: Ukraine missed out on a medal in the first race of world Cup season

One bad shooting deprived Ukrainians awards, although close was even gold.

Biathlon Ukrainian Anastasiya Merkushyna and Artem Tyshchenko finished fourth in the single mixed relay, which opened the first world Cup stage of the season 2019/20 in Ostersund, Sweden.

The Ukrainians spent the race almost perfectly, except for one shooting – the sixth firing line.

Before Merkushina brilliantly passed the first stage, after which took the lead. Artem Tishchenko in the second phase strengthened the leadership of Ukraine breaking away from Germany on 28 seconds.

In the third stage, Anastasiya Merkushyna after seasoning has retained its advantage over the German, but the failure happened at the front. Five shots, only one Ukrainian woman sent to goal, and then three spare cartridges closed only one target. Three penalties at once threw our team into sixth place.

Artem Tishchenko at the last stage did all he depends on it, but managed to lift our team only to fourth the leaders were wrong, but not enough.

Germany, which the whole race chasing the Ukraine also remained without medals - Eric lesser at the last shooting went to penalties and missed in front of Swede Sebastian Samuelson. The Germans had to settle for silver medals, and the top three winners locked the Norwegians.

It is worth noting that no team in connection with the strong wind failed to complete the race without penalties.

Single mixed relay
1. Sweden (2+11) 36:42,1
2. Germany (1+9) +18,1
3. Norway (1+16) +40,1
4. Ukraine (3+6) +56,9
5. Estonia (1+8) +1:01,6
6. USA (1+16) +1:17,0

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