Boxing: I would not be allowed to leave the song Scriabin - Usik

Oleksandr Usyk

The new world champion Ukrainian boxer Alexander Barbel spoke about the support the choice of new songs for himself and plans for the near future. It is reported XSport.

Came a large number of poles, took pictures, congratulated. Said: “We are rooting for Krzysztof, but you were better. Well done.” I’ve heard different not the most pleasant screams, but I have also seen a large number of Ukrainians. Thank you for your support. By the way, after the fight wherever I looked, there were a lot of flags, and I heard screaming, I supported. Well, what happened and how it ended. I felt that many prayed for me and supported me,” said Usyk.

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We are the country, it appears. Everything in the song – this is us. Kuzma clearly in their songs said, “mi – Sami sobi Kraina”. What we are doing, that is. So, I liked this song. We just have to there was a little mishap with the guys. They first banned me out to this song. They said I told them that’s not paid. I think it’s called “royal”. If I owe them something, you’ll pay – no problem. This is the first. And the second maybe they don’t like something about me. For example, the fact that I live in the Crimea or something. I don’t know. But I spoke with Alexander Ponomarev, who at the moment performs this song, and wife, and mother of Andrew (Kuzma Scriabin – ed.) let me go to this song. Future plans? I want their children to see that what further plans. I want to hug a daughter, a son and go home to rest,” - said the boxer.

We will remind, on Saturday, Usyk won the championship belt, having won on points of the pole Krzysztof glowacki.


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