Britain threatens Nasirova court

Nasirov can stand trial Britain

London, dissatisfied with the recent decision of the Ukrainian court, which ignored the evidence of the British side.

Removed the head Gospitalniy service of Ukraine may be brought before the British court if the law enforcement agencies of Britain, the facts of violation of the law. This is stated on the page of the British Embassy in Ukraine in Facebook.

Recently Solomensky regional court of Kiev refused to pay Nasirov 100 million hryvnia due to the fact that he had not surrendered his British passport. The head gospitalniy service denied it, but London said Nasirov has a British passport.

It is noted that London is concerned by the recent decision of the Solomensky district court of Kiev, where the evidence provided by Britain in the case Nasirova was declared inadmissible and rejected.

“At this stage, the relevant authorities in the UK will examine all facts to determine whether there was criminal wrongdoing on the part of the British citizen, who may face trial in the UK”, - stated in the message.

Recall that in Ukraine Roman Nasirov is suspected of causing damage to 2 billion hryvnia. According to the investigation, he took an unreasonable decision to defer a rent payment for extraction of mineral resources.