Brzezinski: Ukraine’s Future depends on Russia

The annexation of the Crimea is historically unjustified and Moscow should look for ways of solving the “Crimean question”, thinks the expert.

American political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski believes that Ukraine’s future will depend on what steps in the direction of “your European identity” Russia will do. He said this in an interview Газете.Ru.

According to Brzezinski, Ukraine is a legitimate power, which is in the process of transformation into a national state.

“This means that Ukraine should exist in a reasonable relationship with Russia, which, of course, will be for some time to save the vain hope of reintegration and the subordination of Kiev to Moscow”, - said the expert.

The Future Of Ukraine

He stressed that Ukraine’s future will depend on what steps towards its European identity, Russia will do.

“Russia, which focuses on cooperation with Europe, cooperation with China, and also improves its relations with the United States could become a country, which with the help of compromise will solve the Ukrainian question,” said Brzezinski.

Annexation is historically unjustified

Influential expert notes that the annexation of the Crimea “historically unjustified” and will be a constant source of tension.

“But I hope the Russians will understand that it is not in their interest to act in an imperialist manner. Especially when you consider that Russia itself is an imperialist, dominant government,” he says.

How to solve the Crimean question

Brzezinski believes that “the solution to the problem of the Crimea”, it is possible only joint decisions, noting that “now it looks like an obvious imposing its will by force”.

“A long-term relationship between Ukraine and Russia is impossible until this problem is resolved to mutual agreement. There are no reasons why Russian leaders should not seek the formula for the solution of the Crimean problem”, - the expert believes.

Part of this formula could be the recognition of the multinational and the historical role of the Crimea

“It will provide a meaningful and satisfactory to all parties compromise - both for Russia and for Ukraine. In addition, it will consider the role of the Crimean Tatar population”, - said Brzezinski.

Zbigniew Brzezinski was an adviser to the U.S. President for national security under Jimmy Carter. Has long been one of the leading ideologues of U.S. foreign policy.

The press describes him as “one of the most famous and influential foreign policy veterans in Washington.”

His most famous work was the book “the Grand chessboard: American primacy and it’s geostrategic imperatives” in which he, in particular, predicted a split between Ukraine and Russia.

Is currently a fellow at the Center for strategic and international studies at the Johns Hopkins University and a Professor in the School of advanced international studies at the same University.

Brzezinski has repeatedly said that Ukraine’s membership in NATO will not give anything good and of the necessity of accession of our country to the Alliance no.

He also considers it necessary to assure Russia that Ukraine will not join NATO.

While Brzezinski advocates the supply of defensive weapons to Ukraine.

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