California sea pig was on the brink of extinction

Porpoises carefully avoid the person

Now in nature there are only 30 individuals, according to biologists.

The population of California porpoise, a rare species of mammals that live only in the Gulf of California, over the past six years has decreased by 90%. Now in nature there are only 30 individuals, according to biologists.

The vaquita is rarely seen in nature. California porpoise, the elusive, she avoids any boats or other vessels. On the basis of the few observations it is believed that it leisurely swims and feeds.

These dark-eyed whales often accidentally killed in gillnets, which were banned in 2015. Scientists and animal rights activists demand to extend the ban, which expires in may.

Gill nets placed in the water vertically to catch the fish behind its gills, is widely used in the Persian Gulf, but was banned in 2015 in order to help survive the marine pigs.

But the fishermen continue to use these networks despite the ban in an attempt to catch expensive fish totoaba. It is prized for its swim bladder, the price of this fish on the black market reaches $ 8,500 per kilogram. Totoaba widely used for the production of traditional Chinese medicine preparations.

Porpoises are often victims of hunting totoaba. Only in March and April of this year it was discovered five dead porpoises, three of whom died in gillnets.

If the ban on the network will not be renewed, sea pigs are threatened with complete extermination. In the campaign for the protection of porpoises attended actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Previously, researchers from the Zoological society of London warned of the threat of populations of porpoises that live along the coast of Europe from southern Spain to the Kola Peninsula.

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