Cossack will - 2019: Ukraine hosts military exercises

In Ukraine continues the teachings of Cossack will - 2019

The exercise was attended by 10 thousand troops, 12 helicopters and 15 vessels of the Ukrainian Navy. Exercises held throughout the state.

Strategic command-staff exercise Cossack will - 2019 with bodies of military management of Armed forces of Ukraine continue. This reports the press service of the defense Ministry on Wednesday, September 25.

“The exercise was attended by about ten thousand members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other components of the defence forces of the state”, - stated in the message.

It is planned to involve up to 15 ships, boats and vessels of the Maritime command of the naval forces of Ukraine, 12 helicopters of army aviation, forces and means of Air forces of VS of Ukraine.

During the active phase of the exercises will involve to action the individual units of all kinds and types of troops of armed forces of Ukraine. In particular, in landfills and in certain areas will carry out training and combat tasks mechanized, tank, artillery, engineer, airborne and other units.

The main purpose of the exercise Cossack will - 2019 is to test the ability of bodies of military management in the new organizational structures (NATO classification) to maintain control of troops (forces) in the course of preparation and conduct of operations (combat actions) in the case of large-scale armed aggression.



Recall that the teachings of the Cossack will started in Ukraine on September 24. The complex events of the exercise will last throughout the country. The main purpose of the exercise is to test the abilities of the APU.

Earlier it was reported that in lvovshchina kicked off exercise Rapid Trident-2019. In the exercise involved about 3,500 troops from Ukraine and 13 countries participating in NATO. The maneuvers will last two weeks.

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