Create an interactive map of Earth pictures from the ISS

Moscow, Russia

The Bering sea

The Volga River

The Volga River

The volcano on the border of Iran and Pakistan

Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy

The Strait of Gibraltar



Constanta, Romania

Lisbon, Portugal

Marzouk, Libya

Millit Sudan

Lake Sevan

Islands Of Greece


Istanbul, Turkey


The black sea

Unani, South China

The card is available in two versions - a two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

Manufacturer of geographic information systems, Esri UK has created an interactive map of the earth created from hundreds of photographs taken by astronaut Tim Peak from ISS reports The Guardian. The images on this card can be seen with reference to the places depicted on it.

An interactive map is available in two versions - a two-dimensional (for all devices) and three-dimensional (for the PC).

To switch from one version to another, you have to press the 3D button located on the left panel.

The birth of lightning was caught on camera unique

Some of the images used to create the maps, was published by the media. On them from the height of the International space station captured Istanbul (Turkey) and Lisbon (Portugal), mount Etna in Sicily (Italy), the volcano on the border of Iran and Pakistan, the Volga river (Russia) and other parts on the planet.

Earlier it was reported that astronaut Tim Peak have the wrong number, calling from space. He apologized to the woman by mistake got a call, asking if he really came to the planet Earth.


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