Deadly companions: What is known about the missing driver BlaBlaCar Taras Poznyakova

In the Kiev region for the fourth day, the search continues for 25-year-old citizen of Lviv Taras pozniakova, April 4, went on the Audi A6 from Lviv to the capital. He took the companions, using a popular service BlaBlaCar.

It was reported that Taras was joined by 46-year-old inhabitant of Kiev Oleg Mazarchuk and 33-year-old resident of Chernivtsi Volodymyr Demyan. However, according to information activists “options 1”, Mazarchuk not sat in the car, because didn’t finish the job in Lviv.

Taras last communicated with family phone the same day at 11:16. After that, the communication with them was lost, and the mother of the boy contacted the police.

At 11:20 Poznyakov together with a companion - a man with a beard, similar to Volodymyr Demyan was stopped at the gas station “Belarusian Republican youth Union-Nafta”, in S. Butovo the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district. After that, he, for unknown reasons, deviated from the route and drove off the Kiev route in the village Bobrytsya, about 25 km from the capital.

Vladimir Demyan, who was recorded by a passenger through BlaBlaCar pozniakova, the phone does not respond. It is registered in Facebook and even commented that he was not going to Kiev with Poznyakova. The police are looking for him.

Looking for Audi A6 (aircraft number 4446 C) dark gray, opened criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 115 of UK (premeditated murder).

On 7 April a number of media wrote that Poznyakov killed two ex-soldiers of the volunteer battalion. The alleged crime involved three: one of them agreed with Taras about the trip and was holding communication with the murderers. On the way he came, and the two criminals killed Taras and stole his car.

Police have not confirmed this information and hopes that he’s still alive. Militiamen are inclined to believe that the attackers wanted to seize the car.

Missing Taras pozniakova looking for his friends, the police dogs, divers, activists, used 4 quadrocopter. His description: view of 25 to 26 years, growth of 185 sm, a thin Constitution. Was dressed in blue jeans, running shoes-moccasin grey, black woolen jacket, sweater Navy blue or dark grey.

What is BlaBlaCar

BlaBlaCar has become popular in Ukraine in the last 2-3 years. This is a service that allows you to find travel companions for journeys by car. The drivers offer available seats in their cars, and passengers who plan to travel in the same direction, book them. Prices are formed by drivers, based on the actual costs of the trip. Usually, the price for one seat corresponds to one third of the fuel costs, therefore, drivers, driving three passengers, fully offset the costs. As a rule, payment is made at the beginning of the trip in cash.

With BlaBlaCar passengers can travel in comfort and save. For example, a trip from Kyiv to Lviv will cost around 200 UAH. Drivers are thus offset their fuel costs and depreciation.

On BlaBlaCar available option “for women Only”, through which users can plan trips, in which the driver and the passenger were female.

To ensure the trustworthiness of the companion, you can view the reviews about it left by other users, their profile with a short bio.

BlaBlaCar operates in 22 countries with a database of over 25 million users.

The Ukrainian representation of BlaBlaCar, which was used Poznyakov, confirmed that his companions are associated with the service.

“Through the service BlaBlaCar took place tens of millions of visits, and for us, this case is unprecedented. Now we have no confirmation that the people who rode with the driver, somehow connected with BlaBlaCar. We are doing everything possible, as quickly as possible to find out all the details and to obtain new information about the investigation,” - said in comments “Ukrainian truth” the head of BlaBlaCar in Russia and Ukraine Oleksiy Lazorenko.