Died famous music video Director Maxim Papernik. Biography and clips

Maxim Papernik

Maxim Papernik in the 90-ies became one of the most famous and successful music video Directors. Papernik was born in Kiev on 17 April 1969. He studied at the music school, piano class. First, he wanted to be an actor, but when he took it, he entered the theatrical Director of the Kyiv University of theatre and film them. I. Karpenko-Kary. Year served in the army, he went back to school, and then entered the faculty of cinema and television, graduating with honors. Some time worked in the National television company of Ukraine. His career began with the video “I plivo” (1997) for singer Irina Bilyk. They shared many years of friendship, they played together in a children’s theater.

Then there was the video for the song Bilyk “Lonely” which also became a hit.

Papernik also shot for Bilyk clips “Vibuti” (1999), “Wind” (2000), “Tell me” (2000), “do Not cry, Marcko” (2002), “Dreamland” (2002), “T. angel” (2002), “Two hands” (2003), “I’m not sorry” (2005).

Bilyk expressed his condolences in connection with death of a friend.

But the clip on Will Natalia Mogilev, which in 1999 became the song of the year.

“I am spring” in Mogilev.

He filmed the fourth video of the band “VIA Gra” “I will not return.”

And the famous “Attempt №5”.

In 2003, he began filming television, films, musicals. This year a popular new year’s musical film “the snow Queen” with the leading Russian and Ukrainian artists, “chasing two hares” in 2004 - “the Twelve chairs”. In 2006 came the shot Papernik Ukrainian Comedy two-part TV film “Strange Christmas”.

Papernik also continued to remove the clips. In particular the song “One guelder-rose” Sofia Rotaru and Alexander Ponomaryov - Hasta la vista song in which the singer went to Eurovision in 2003.

In 2009 Papernik filmed a humorous series of “Untouchable”, which was not shown on television. In the actors ‘ parody of the famous Ukrainian politicians, such as Yanukovych, Yushchenko and Tymoshenko. In the same year has put a music and entertainment show “national star”, only had 4 seasons.

In 2014 he directed the musical “Alice in Wonderland”.

In 2016 he worked on the series “the Window of life”. In the center of the plot – the history of salvation planted babies.

Papernik was awarded numerous prizes and awards. In 1998 he received the prize of the all-Ukrainian contest music video — best video Director, in 2003, the award “Teletriumph” In the “best film” and in 2007 the award “Showbiz awards” “For contribution to the development of domestic show business”.

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