Experts have revealed a new photo of Beech, brought down MH17




Bellingcat published a photo, allegedly proving Russian origin Beech.

International expert and journalist group Bellingcat published a new photo that proves that the flight MH-17 shot down from the Russian Beech. This is stated in the report of the organization.

The experts found on the social network a new photo of SAM Buk 332 made by the Russian mechanic, probably in the spring of 2013. Photos confirmed that the car was assigned to the Russian 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade (military unit 32406). This is the last known photo of Beech before the relocation of the air defense system from Russia to Ukraine.

It is noted that the network got a photo in February 2015. Experts say that proof that this is the Buk that shot down the plane is the white numbers, markers loading and transport brand.

“They are in the same place as the photos and videos of Beech 332, when he was in Russia in June 2014, and in Ukraine in July 2014,” the report says.

This photo is recently detected by the image 332 Beech showing its unclear marking and traffic marking ahead of the convoy, in June 2014, when it was indicated the average number designations.

The photo shows the man in the background SAM Buk 332, behind pink container for the transport of rocket 3М8 SAM Circle. According to the report, photo mechanic was made at the transport yard of the 53rd brigade.

This confirms another picture, posted by an unknown cadet in August 2014, which shows the same pink rocket container and Beech 332. Geotag confirm that the photo was taken in the yard of the 53rd brigade in the village of Marshal Zhukov, not far from Kursk.

Geolocation of photos the authors were able to confirm through satellite imagery. It is established that the man in the picture is engaged in repair of military equipment in particular the repair of “Buk-M1”. The mechanic explained what was in many cities of Russia due to the nature of their work. He confirmed that was definitely at Kursk in 2013 and possibly in 2014.

The report also noted that transportation Beech on the Russian-Ukrainian border in late June and mid-July 2014 engaged in 69-th separate brigade of material support (in/h 11385). A report with the real names of the Russian military of the brigade sent to the international Joint investigation team investigating the disaster of flight MH17.

“Military driver Dmitry Z. was carrying pre-loading installation Beech at number 232 in the column on 23-25 June 2014. Six other military drivers in the photos, Dmitry Z., whose identities have been identified are also definitely involved in the transportation of Beeches in the convoy from 23 to 25 June 2014” - according to Bellingcat.



In February, called Bellingcat consignment Beech. It was argued that retired Russian major-General Sergey Dubinsky, formerly known as the fighter of DNR Gloomy.

He Frowns denies involvement in the transport of Beech.

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