Russia will not resume the activities of the Mejlis in the Crimea, despite the decision of the court of justice, - Polozov

Lawyer Nikolai Polozov

Russia, despite an interim decision of the Hague court, will not resume activity in the annexed Crimea Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people. This opinion in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine” said Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov.

“As for the Kremlin‘s actions in some part can be cosmetic solutions, will open a school. But as for the Majlis, this policy decision of the Kremlin. No one to restore the activity of the Majlis, to delete it from the list of prohibited in Russia organizations will not. And we are not talking about returning to the Crimea Refat Chubarov , Chairman of Mejlis, or Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev,” - says Polozov.

He added that Russia has repeatedly tried to create an alternative to the Mejlis of the structure, but they had no support among the population. “The majority of Crimean Tatars loyal to his chosen authority, loyal to their leaders and will not participate in any attempts to build a new Majlis, trying to assemble a new Kurultai,” - says Nikolay Polozov.

News on topic: Minato admit that Russia will partially comply with the decision of the Hague court in the Crimea

The international court of justice today published the full text of the decision on the claim of Ukraine against Russia.

In particular, it denied interim measures against Russia under the Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism. The court decided that the conditions necessary to define additional measures in respect of the rights to break in Ukraine on the basis of the Convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism do not meet the requirements.

At the same time, the international Court of justice granted the request of Ukraine regarding interim measures in the claim against Russia under the Convention on the elimination of racial discrimination.

The court called for the preservation of the Crimean Tatars the right to establish own institutions and requirement of Russia to resume the work of Parliament. Russia should also ensure that the use of the Ukrainian language in the educational system of the Crimea.

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