In the SBU said about the detention of a recruited agent of the FSB

The arrested traitor

The man recruited in the Crimea, ex-servicemen of the SBU, which changed the military oath and defected to the enemy.

Employees of the security Service of Ukraine exposed a former police officer who worked for the Russian secret services. About it reports a press-service SBU on Thursday, July 18.

Investigators have established that the inhabitant of Poltava region was recruited in 2014 on the basis of the material in the territory of the annexed Crimea.

“Recruiting was attended by employees of FSB of Russia in Kazakhstan and Sevastopol, which are former members of the SBU M. Putintsev and K. Simagin that changed the military oath and defected to the enemy”, – stated in the message.

In SBU claim that the attacker performed the tasks of the FSB through personal contacts and carried out intelligence gathering on the activities of military units, the national-Patriotic movements in the region. He also gave the supervisors a list of the mobilization reserve, as well as volunteers and volunteers of the region who participated in the ATO and OOS.

It is noted that collected materials are man forwarded through established by the FSB of Russia electronic communication channels, as well as during personal meetings with curators on the territory of Crimea and Russia.

The attacker announced announced suspicion of committing a crime under the article on treason (part 1 of article 111 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

Earlier in the SBU said about the failure of the attempts of the Russian special services to influence the election. To do this, was created web-sites with fake information about political parties and candidates.

Also it became known that the SBU has established and detained the driver of the Hauler carrying air defense missile system Buk, which was shot down the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

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