Kaizen Hitachi

The beauty of the details along with perfection of technologies. The combination of new developments and immutable tradition of quality – so can briefly describe the new range of Hitachi refrigerators.

Verified minimalist design, ergonomics and functionality – no wonder leading companies of Japan practiced the principle of Kaizen: today better than yesterday, with the continuous improvement of production processes and life in General. The philosophy of their partners divides the company ERC, which yavyaetsya exclusive official distributor of the brand in Ukraine, not so long ago, presenting domestic consumers beauty, functionality, and style of the novelties of the well-known Japanese brand.



For gourmets, aesthetes and pragmatists

A new line of two-door refrigerators Hitachi (standard, Glass,Glass Deluxe), with a front-panel, presented in eight colors: here you will find a suitable option for the kitchen of any style. This is the case when a refrigerator can become a design accent and decorate the room, and unique technology to preserve the quality and freshness of the products will surprise even the skeptics. The new line of refrigerators has glass doors, then fit in the high-tech design and the classic. Glass, its transparency always adds to the interior of lightness and space, and touchscreen display allows you to control operation of the refrigerator without much effort.

In models with an elegant and durable shelf for bottles, proper storage of wine – the key to satisfaction from its consumption. A special shelf prevents rolling, creates a special angle, optimal for wine storage.

However, the ice on the door allows you to store a variety of products, filling the freezer to the top. Thus, you get additional storage space with a volume of 18 liters, and the latest Nano Titanium filter provides anti-bacterial, protivoplesnevye and deodorizing effect.



Forever frost

Even in the event of a power failure, the temperature in the freezer compartment is maintained to keep foods fresh for 12 hours.

Everything is left to chance: the balance of cooling and ventilation, compactness, and, at the same time, the capacity of the inverter compressor with a flexible voltage regulator. Two separate fan system Dual Fan Cooling for freezing and refrigerating, divide and evenly distribute the air flow. Customization is truly amazing: you can configure the flow of air into each compartment, Eco Thermo sensor, associated with the microcomputer to minimize power losses.

While deep drawers bottom freezer make it easy to store frozen food of large sizes that you will agree, is often a problem. But that’s not all: these models have an open drawer quick access, quick hybrid freeze. Why is it important? Because even thawed meat or fish taste will be fresh: the technology of freezing is that large ice crystals do not destroy the intercellular bonds and walls of cages product.



Unique design

The design of the doors with flat glass – this would be just beautiful in and of itself to cause admiration. But it’s also convenient! If in a conventional refrigerator doors are not very functional and often it is impossible to store food in the form in which and the extent to which I would like, in the models of Hitachi – adjustable door shelves. Due to the explicit optimization of the internal space. Door shelves can withstand up to 100 kg weight illuminated svetodiodnye lamps – bright and at the same time, with soft light, besides economical. Shelves of tempered glass resistant to mechanical damage and temperature extremes, and the smells in the fridge don’t mix. No wonder the company’s slogan “Hitachi: Inspire The Next” tells us something about inspiration, and about the next step. We imperceptibly already was… in the future, along with Hitachi appliances.


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