More than half of Scots in favour of secession from the UK - poll

More than half of Scots, namely, 59% in favor of the separation of Scotland from the UK. These are the results of a survey conducted a few hours after the announcement of the results of the referendum on Brexia, which publishes a Scottish edition of the Sunday Post.

For keeping Scotland in the United Kingdom are 32% of residents and 9% are undecided.

The publication notes that even the number of Scots elderly, who are traditionally against independence increased to 47%.

Nearly two-thirds of Scots believe that a second independence referendum should be held in the coming years.

Before the referendum on EU membership, Scottish independence, supported on average 40-45% of Scots according to various surveys.

As reported, the Scottish government intends to seek urgent talks with Brussels to protect the right of the region to remain in the EU.

The majority of the population of Scotland in the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU voted to stay in the EU. In this case, the referendum in the UK as a whole were won by the supporters of leaving the EU, the so-called Brexit.

Recall, 18 September 2014, Scotland held a referendum on independence. In the referendum had the right to participate 4.13 million citizens over the age of 16. In the case of a positive answer most of the electorate, Scotland could be declared an independent country on 24 March 2016. By the morning of 19 September, all votes were counted: for 55.3% of voters opposed independence


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  1. That shoul read 65% Yes and 35% No.
    Since the don’t know figure represents people who could not be bothered to decide it’s unlikely they would vote.
    Also if they ever decided it’s more probable they would divide by the same proportion. It’s a Yes No decision. Not a multiparty election.

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