Olympics 2016: In the Chinese’s gymnastics team did rebuke the judges of bias

In the Chinese team in gymnastics believe that the method of grading at the Olympics questioned the level of competition. This was stated by the Manager of the Chinese team E Jannani, write “RIA Novosti” with reference to the Sina Sport.

Yesterday the representative of China Shang, Chunsun lost in the all-around 0,116 points to Russian Mustafina and was left without a medal. In an interview with a weeping Chinese woman admitted that she is hurt, because the gap was quite small.

“We believe that this method of evaluation of the International Federation of gymnastics casts doubt on the level of competition,” said E Jennian.

In his opinion, Chinese gymnast performed brilliantly and was able to stand on the podium. He also stressed that the unfair rating cause “enormous damage to the morale of the gymnasts” and prevent their further professional development.

Note Chinese is not the first time criticized the judging system at the Olympics in Rio. Earlier E Jennian accused the judges of deliberately understating points two gymnasts mentioned Shang, Chunsun and Fan Yilin. In the opinion of the Manager, the athletes were evaluated unfairly because of their scores in qualifying and team events differed significantly.

“We made two serious errors in the final, while the figure was higher than in qualifying, where we had only one major blunder - the official said. “This proves that the evaluation of the qualification was deliberately understated by the judges.” In the Chinese team believe that judging the two strongest gymnasts withdrew from individual finals.

Note, another controversial decision by the Olympic judges were awarding a gold medal to the Japanese Kohei Uchimura in the all-around. The second-ranked Ukrainian Oleg Vernaeve was the leader until the last round, but in the end it got very low rating on the crossbar and behind titled opponent to 0,099 points. At the same time, coach Vernaeve said that the refereeing was fair.


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