Ruslan Chagaev ended his career

Ruslan Chagaev

Famous Uzbek boxer Ruslan Chagaev has taken the decision to finish professional career.

This was reported by the wife of Ruslan Chagaev:

“Health, thank God, all is well. Just Ruslan decided it was time to know and honor, no longer wants to box. He’s still after the battle, brown said more will come into the ring tired,” said Victoria Chagaev.

Please note that earlier the press reported that Chagaev has problems with eyes.

Also note that the 37-year-old Chagaev was the world champion in heavy weight under version WBA (2007-2009).

In professional Boxing Ruslan Chagaev made his debut in 1997 and since then has held 38 fights: 34-1-3. In the last battle, which took place on 5 March 2016, Uzbek boxer lost to Australian Lucas Browne.

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According to the materials:

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  1. To be honest, David haye cheated when he said he will get hepititis and avoided. 100 percent confirmed by doctors that was a lie. Valuev ran away from rematch. 100 percent confirmed. Povetkin fight was a draw and awarded to drug user povetkin. Fres oquendo lost the fight and caught using steroids. Why rematch when he pulled off with injury for second fight. Now wba wants rematch? With fres? Nobody even know him. Except few. Aussy with drug use and bull stoppage? All top fighters avoiding him and afraid of him? Wba made chagaevs live miserable by not giving him any legit fighter. That’s shame.

  2. Did I forget that wba didn’t provide fighters and tried to avoid as many top fighters from chagaev for political reasons

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