Passengers business class United Airlines stung by a Scorpion

A citizen of Canada stated that while traveling in business class flight on United Airlines he was stung by a Scorpion. This is the BBC.

Richard bell says that the Scorpion fell on his head from the Luggage compartment during lunch when he was flying from Houston to calgary, Canada.

The victim said that the Scorpion had fallen on top of him and he’s not realizing that it had fallen, brushed them off. Then the canadian put the Scorpion on the plate, but he managed to bite him. Bell then dropped a Scorpion on the floor, and the stewardess covered him with a Cup, then threw it in the toilet. On Board was a nurse. that gave the victim obezbolivatmi, and after landing Bella was taken to the hospital. Bell said it has no plans to sue.

Note that the incident occurred on Sunday - the same day when another United flight forcibly pulled a passenger who refused to give up his place in favor of the employee of the airlines.

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