The CEC of Turkey said that the results of the referendum are valid


The head of the electoral Commission of Turkey declares that the results of the referendum, which expands the powers of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, are valid. About it reports “Radio Freedom”.

The garden güven reported valid referendum after the leading opposition Republican people’s party said about the probable violations, including the use nepostanovku ballots.

As the governmental Agency “Anadolu”, the turnout on the constitutional referendum on 16 April in Turkey amounted to 85,46%.

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The result of the referendum the citizens of Turkey both welcomed and protested against it. The Republican people’s party demands a recount and said he would appeal against the results in 37% of the ballots.

Güven said that nepostanovku ballots were prepared by the electoral Commission and was recognized as valid.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek said there will be no early elections after the referendum. Earlier it was assumed that Erdogan may appoint a new election, since his new powers can take effect immediately.

After the referendum, Erdogan said that the government will consider the need for the introduction of the death penalty. Such a step would mean the curtailment of the negotiations on Turkey’s membership in the European Union, which the country conducted since the beginning of 2000-ies.

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