Salenko: the Ukrainian football now worse than it was in the 90s

Oleg Salenko

Ex-Dynamo player Oleh Salenko has shared his opinion about the resignation of Sergei Rebrov and the championship of Ukraine.

“The season in Ukraine was not interested. Some teams such as Dnipro – will cease to exist. Although a couple of years ago was in the final of the Europa League. Now the question is, what will be next season, how to do it and what teams will participate.

This season there is no competition. Once it became clear that Shakhtar will be first, Kiev – second, dawn third.

All of this has hit in the first place by the audience, because people understand perfectly. Attendance fell through the floor. Some matches are attended by a thousand people. What does this mean? Full degradation.

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Ukrainian football has sunk to the level of the early 90s? I would say that even then it was better. But, nevertheless, to compare, I would not for the simple reason that at that time was another format of the championship. I can say that now there are positive aspects. Finally began to trust the youth and not as earlier – recruited foreign players, and of dubious quality. But again, the whole championship is greatly decreased.

What was the reason for the resignation of Rebrov? To this end everything was going, and this is not the last event. It is clear that there is no results, waiting for any changes before the end of the season. I believe that the coach of the Dynamo Kiev should be independent. And the last time was different. Therefore, the next coach must take full responsibility.

There are certain rules: the President of the club gives money for players, and the coach must comply with the terms of the contract. But the team manages it alone, without interference from above.

While there have been successes, the whole brunt took Raul riancho. After he left, he left alone. So, naturally, for all the failures of leadership were mainly asked from him” - said Salenko.

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