The police about the cache of “Dnipro-1: spoils of the ATO

Found on the shelf of the Dnepr-1 weapon

Ministry of interior to provide the Prosecutor generals office documents about the weapons seized on the basis of the regiment.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine commented on the searches on the basis of deployment of the regiment “Dnepr-1”, which found illegal weapons from the zone ATO.

In the Department of communication of the Ministry of interior explained that the weapons in the police force, who are in the zone of the ATO, can be taken as a trophy from illegal armed groups not controlled by the Ukrainian power of the territory.

“Weapons in the police force who are serving in the ATO area, is put on the account in the process of its receipt in accordance with the requirements of the legislation. The origins of these weapons may be different, including the removal of it as a trophy from the members of the illegal armed formations which are in ORDO”, - told the police.

Security forces assured that to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate information that could harm the reputation of a regiment “Dnieper-1”, Netpolice will provide General Prosecutor’s office the documents about the design of such weapons and the registration.

“Captured weapons and ammunition can be in the location of national police units involved in the zone of the antiterrorist operation. In the process of registration, which requires a certain time, it is stored under guard in specially equipped premises”, - explained in Department.

As reported, on Wednesday, the employees of the GPU together with the security Service found a record amount of illegally stored weapon, ammunition and explosives. The Prosecutor’s office said that the weapons stolen and wiosenno at the place of a regiment of patrol service of the police “Dnepr-1” in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Head of Department of the GPU, Vladimir Gutsulyak said that this weapon planirovali to move in the direction of Kiev, which would have entailed the risk of getting Arsenal into the hands of criminal elements.

In the “Dnepr-1” deny the accusations of the GPU and soobschayut that the photos Yakobi illegal weapons bili sdelan directly in the official Armory of the regiment.

“This action was planned to discredit the interim commander of the regiment, Alexander Rashevsky, who is an independent candidate in the election for district 27 in the river and the regiment, which protects the integrity of Ukraine in the ATO from the very beginning”, - consider in the regiment.


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