Ukrainian Krivitskaya won bronze at the world fencing championship

The Ukrainian missed a place in the final, conceding three injections over 20 seconds.

Spagetka Elena Krivitskaya brought Ukraine its first medal of the world fencing championship, which takes place in Budapest.

Due to its rating Krivitskaya started with the 1/32 finals, where he beat Malinka Hoppe Montanaro from Canada 15:10, then he beat Russian Tatiana Androsova 15:13, in 1/8 finals of the Ukrainian won the first issue of sowing Anna-Maria Popescu from Romania 15:6, and in the quarterfinals Korean Khan Yun-Mi 15:14.

In the semi-finals of the competition, the Ukrainian in a bitter struggle gave the representative of China Lin Shen. Krivitskaya was in the lead, holding the opponent on distance of 2-3 points, however, the Chinese were able to equalise and finish regulation time in a draw. Additional minute better spent Sheng, who won the winning point and character made it to the finals (15:14), and Krivitskaya left with bronze.

For Krivickas this is the third medal of the world Championships and the third bronze medal in 2015 was a bronze in Moscow in the team, and in 2017 in Leipzig and now in Budapest bronze in the individual event.

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