Action “From Morozko”: collect the first-aid kit 25% cheaper

Cold asks how ready we are to meet with her. Need to assemble a home first aid kit that the drugs were on hand when deteriorating health and need to act.

Easy to say, but in practice attention is fully absorbed in family and work concerns, so it is difficult to set aside time to seek the advice of a doctor, list of medicines, purchase of necessary funds. Postponing until the last, we are alone with the cold and unwillingness to go to the pharmacy. But if to address this issue without delay, you can save a great.

From 1 December 2019, 30 January 2020 in robotic pharmacies effective action “From Morozko”*, therefore, antivirals, dietary supplements and medical products are cheaper up to 25%. Discounts apply on orders that come in handy once in a home medicine Cabinet. Fill in the inventory until after the purchase you can pay up to 25% less.

To use the discount, simply select and purchase promotional items in robotic pharmacies under the brand “Apteka [email protected]”, “of Blagoje”, “penny Pharmacy”, “Pharmacy ants”. The offer is valid until the end of January 2020. You can ask the pharmacist about the list of promotional products to find out how much and what to save. The packaging of the drugs on the shelves looking for the robot PharmBot. Therefore, the attention of the pharmacist is entirely devoted to the visitor of a robotic pharmacy.

For pharmacy shopping come year-round, but it is not always possible to save. Promotion discounts up to 25% valid in robotic pharmacies “Pharmacy of ants”, “penny Pharmacy”, “Pharmacy [email protected]” and “Blagoda” only until January 30, 2020. Make a visit to the pharmacy in a to-do list and make purchases in time to start prevention and outsmart a cold.

*Information about the price of the goods before and after the application of discounts, ratio to the previous selling price assortment that offers discounts and the discount percentage can be find out profesorow pharmacies. Under the discount refers to the lower than normal sales price for a promotional product to 25%.