Afanasyev and Soloshenko were exchanged for Ukrainians

Before the exchange Putin pardoned Ukrainian prisoners.

Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned convicted in Russia of Ukrainians Gennadiy Afanasyev and Yury Soloshenko who have changed on two Ukrainians.

The decree comes into force from the date of signing - June 14, reports the press service of the Kremlin.

“The President of Russia Vladimir Putin by his decree pardoned Afanasyev, Gennady Sergeyevich, who was convicted December 17, 2014 the Moscow city court, freeing him from further punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty and pardoned Soloshenko Yuri Danilovich, who was convicted 14 Oct 2015 Moscow city court, freeing him from further punishment in the form of imprisonment”, — is spoken in the message.

It is emphasized that both decrees take effect from the date of signing.

As previously reported, the convicts in the Russian Ukrainians Gennadiy Afanasyev and Yury Soloshenko are already on Board Ukrainian plane and fly to Ukraine.

The Russian plane has brought Ukrainians Elena Lisinskog with a minor child and Vitaly Didenko in Moscow. What they were exchanged for Afanasyev and Soloshenko.

Sliwinska was in prison in Odessa, Didenko - in the colony in the Rovno area.

Director of TV company “New wave” Elena Sliwinska (Romanova) was arrested by the SBU in April last year. A month and a half ago in jail she gave birth to a son. In addition, she has two minor children.

Vitaly Didenko, the editor - in-chief of the website “InfoCenter”. During the arrest of Didenko tried to flee from the SBU and jumped from the 3rd floor of his apartment, and suffered several fractures. During the search police found he had cocaine. The court sentenced Didenko by three years of imprisonment, the case is in appeal.

The Russian plane landed near Kiev


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