Archaeologists have found in the Crimea, the burial of the III century BC

Археологи нашли в Крыму захоронения III века до нашей эры

The finding was related to the catacomb period

The find was made during excavations in one of the districts of the Peninsula. Took her to the so-called catacomb period.

Archaeologists have discovered in the Crimea in the course of excavations the remains of buildings and tombs that have dated III century BC. This was the so-called catacomb period. This writes

The find was made in the area almost vanished mound in the field. Carried out excavations of experts of Institute of archaeology Academy of Sciences with the participation of ten scientists.

“When removing the area around this burial space, we came to a large area of the territory where he explored interesting designs such as the spiral and annular open trenches, which were located close and do not cross each other and belonged to the catacomb of time – the so-called catacomb of the ring,” said project Manager Irina Rukavishnikova.

She also added that within these ditches was discovered finest remains of burials. The latter belong to the time of “the transition from Yamna cultural and historical community to the catacomb of time.”

“That’s about the end of the third – early second Millennium BC”, she added.

Here were also found some artifacts, including ceramic particles, and bronze. In addition, archaeologists have found of Chios and Herakleian amphorae.

Earlier it was reported that archeologists found an anchor a giant ship belonging to the ancient Greeks.

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