As a result of explosion at a mosque in Pakistan killed at least 25 people

The explosion in the mosque in the village Mohmand in North-Western Pakistan killed at least 25 people, more than thirty were injured, reports Reuters.

“A suicide bomber was in a crowded mosque, he shouted “Allah Akbar” and blew himself up,” said a local official.

Responsibility for the attack claimed by a group of Pakistani Taliban “Tehrik-I-Taliban Pakistan-Jamaat-Ur-Ahrar” (TTP-JA).

As told Deputy head of the village where the attack occurred, many of the victims were under the rubble of a building that collapsed from the blast.

“Part of the mosque and the porch fell down in the explosion and fell upon those who prayed. We’re still pulling the bodies of dead and wounded from under the debris,” he said.

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A local elder believes that the attack was a response to the actions of local residents who captured one of the militants captured and issued by the Pakistani authorities.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif strongly condemned the attack and stressed that such actions will not affect the government’s determination to destroy the terrorists.

Yesterday in Pakistan in the result of collision of two trains near the city of Multan, killing four people.


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