Babi Yar is comparable with Auschwitz.

Babi Yar is comparable with the concentration camp of Auschwitz. This was announced by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a speech at an event to commemorate the victims of Babi Yar tragedy, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine.

“We all clearly understand that Babi Yar is one of the deepest wounds, one of the most painful memories of the Holocaust, this unprecedented in the history of mankind catastrophe, about the attempt to physically destroy a whole nation with roots in-depth in the Bible. In this sense, Babi Yar is comparable with Auschwitz. The Jews and the Nazis were blamed for the fact of their existence. At Babi Yar were killed almost all the Jews of Kiev, everything remaining in the city who did not go to the front and who had not evacuated. Therefore, it is clear that the victims were mostly the elderly, women, little children,” - said Poroshenko.

As you know, this week marks the 75th anniversary of the tragedy of Babi Yar, in particular, on 29 September 1941 in occupied by the German invaders in Kiev, there were numerous executions of men and women.

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Babi Yar was the site of the deaths of thousands of Jews. During the Nazi occupation of Kyiv in 1941-1943, according to official figures, at Babi Yar by the occupation authorities were shot about 100 thousand people, two thirds of whom were Jews. The victims of the shootings were also the Roma, Soviet POWs, members of the underground representatives of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists.

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Auschwitz. Auschwitz was the largest camp established by the Germans. It was a complex of concentration camps, death camps and forced-labor camp located near the Polish city of Krakow. The Auschwitz camp complex were three large camps: Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II (Birkenau) and Auschwitz III (Monowitz). In Auschwitz killed more than a million people, nine-tenths of them are Jews. Each of the four largest gas chambers could hold 2,000 people.


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