Balotelli: If Zaza and Pelle had scored it would have been idols

Mario Balotelli

Striker upset about the defeat from the Germans to the Euro, but believes that overall the team played very well.

Mario watched the match for his team on TV, worrying about the Italians so badly that while some of a penalty kick just turned away from the screen.

Despite all the mistakes criticized Italy strikers Simone Jazzy and Graziano Pelle, Balotelli believes that players should not be blamed for poorly executed penalty.

“I watched the match at home. I didn’t like the outcome of the fight, because obviously I wanted to win Italy,” said Mario.

“It’s been very hard to watch this game, especially the penalty shoot-out. During some attacks I just couldn’t look at the screen”.

“I think if Zaza and Pelle scored, they would have been idols. And now criticize them for mistakes”.

“Every time one and the same. You might miss a penalty in that case, if you had the courage to take up his penetration. It is useless to explain to those who have never been in a similar situation,” concluded Buffon.

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