Chygrynskyy: the coach in Spain there are people who talk about the Dynamo all of

Dmytro Chygrynskyy told why you missed extreme match of AEK.

AEK defender Dmytro Chygrynskiy has experienced severe poisoning due to missed something extreme teams in the League.

“Last week I had a severe poisoning. Three days missed, not trained, but after that he played in two matches. So in the last round, in the encounter with the Lamia, the coach decided to give me rest. I felt great, but the fact that the AEK in February eight matches. In 28 days. Two against Olympiacos and two against Dynamo.

Dynamo’s game with the team we didn’t look, right now. And the coach, to be honest, only once talked to me on the topic of Dynamo. Something clarified. I think information is sufficient. Especially in Spain, our coach has friends who tell him all the friendlies the team of Alexander Khatskevich”, - quotes Chygrynskiy Team No. 1.

Earlier it was reported, Chygrynskiy was called Dynamo the favorite in the match against AEK.

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