The introduction of electronic Declaration cannot be achieved without ensuring the protection of information - Barna

The introduction of a full electronic Declaration cannot be achieved without ensuring the protection of information. Such opinion on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” was expressed by MP (PPB) Oleg Barna.

“Until it is properly guaranteed protection of information, protection from interference in her foreign persons, the introduction of such a Declaration is impossible,” he said.

In addition, according to Barney, now everyone who participated in the creation of this registry, and all related enterprises and organisations should report on their activities, and these activities should check with the authorities.

The MP stressed that information on income is in danger of falling to dishonorable person that can harm not only people, the guarantee of protection which the state gives.

As reported, Ukraine from 00:00 on 15 August launched the system of electronic declaring of incomes of officials, but without the data protection mechanism. In NACP are sure that soon all the shortcomings of a technical nature will be corrected. However, the center for combating corruption and a number of MPs believe that the launch of the system without a security certificate will prevent the bringing corrupt officials to justice.

According to MP Mustafa Nayem, the failure of the introduction of electronic Declaration system is not to blame one person, in this situation we are talking about mutual responsibility.


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