Gosgeonedra delayed shutdown license “Ukrnafta”

The state service of Geology and mineral resources of Ukraine delayed stopping action of three permits of PJSC “Ukrnafta” to the use of hydrocarbon fields in the Poltava region until 20 September. About it reports a press-Department service.

“Today, August 31, Gosgeonedra delayed the suspension of three special permits for subsoil use on Harkovskom, Hlinsko-Rozbyshivka and Rudivsko-Chervonozavodsky hydrocarbon fields in the Poltava region”, - stated in the message.

It is added that the decision was taken with regard to the treatment of PJSC “Ukrnafta” and providing them information about the full repayment of the debt.

“In the message PJSC “Ukrnafta” States that as of 30 August, the mining company repaid debt of $ 28,615 million UAH”, - emphasized in Gosgeonedra.

Now the Agency is awaiting confirmation of repayment of debt on the part of the State fiscal service of Ukraine.

As reported previously Gosgeonedra ordered the suspension of three special permits for use of subsoil belonging to the PJSC “Ukrnafta”. The reason was a large debt to the state budget with the rent. PJSC “Ukrnafta” have said they will go to court.


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