Leshchenko said that the problem with the launch of electronic Declaration can be solved in half an hour

The situation with the security system to run the electronic Declaration can be solved with just over half an hour - if there is political will. This opinion in the “Evening Prime” TV channel “112 Ukraine” said MP Serhiy Leshchenko.

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“Test mode – this is absurd. Because the system needs to operate fully, in order to carry out the main function… We see another symptom, allegedly the company does not give a certificate. People who understand this, it is enough to understand. Who is responsible for special communication? This special service. In fact, it is a former SBU, which is in direct subordination of the President. And,of course, if the President has the political will, it is solved in half an hour,” - said Leshchenko.

“As far as I know parallel is an attempt to adopt a law on the so-called zero Declaration, which every corrupt official has the right once in your life to declare all their corrupt income and it will be nothing,” he added.

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We will remind, today it became known that the State did not provide a certificate of compliance with the information protection system for electronic Declaration. The report noted that it was a difficult decision, but the security system does not meet regulations. In addition, the State has not transferred the acts of trial operation, completion of works on creation of system of protection and the Protocol of its previous tests, which may indicate that the system is not completed.

The Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman gave two days to remedy the situation. “If the system of e-Declaration will not start on time, I will ensure that all who failed to timely launch of the system, including the leadership of these bodies suffered for it the most rigid personal responsibility”, - Groysman wrote in Facebook.

Recently, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the electronic Declaration of assets of Ukrainian officials will start from August 15, 2016 without delay.


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