Olympics 2016: Ukraine dropped to 48th place in the medal standings

In Rio de Janeiro ended the ninth day of competition for the 2016 Olympics in which Ukrainian team fell to 48th place in the medal standings, the official website of the competition.

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On account of our teams are still any gold awards, three silver and one bronze.

Note that the representatives of 47 teams, which are located above, has won at least one gold medal. Because of the absence of Olympic Champions in the team, the team is in such a low place.

The leader of the medal standings, as before, remains team USA, which account for 26 gold, 21 silver and 22 bronze medals - a total of 69 medals.

The top five sports teams in the world also includes the national teams of great Britain (15-16-7, 38) China (15-13-17, 45), Russia (9-11-10 30) and Germany (8-5-4, 17).

The rest of the national teams of no more than 7 gold medals.

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Ahead of the Ukrainian athletes of South Africa (1-5-1, 7), and Kosovo with one gold medal.

Recall that the first medal in Rio Ukraine got Sergey Kulish. A native of Cherkasy became the silver prize-winner in shooting from an air rifle from a distance of 10 m. Later Olga Harlan won the bronze in fencing. Also the famous Ukrainian gymnast Oleg Verniaiev won the silver medal in the individual Mnogoborje.

Also yesterday, Ukraine defeated Russia in the final of the team sabre and won silver.

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