Silver medalist of the Paralympic games postponed euthanasia

The Belgian signed the papers for euthanasia in 2008.

Belgian athlete Marieke the Vervortom, who won a silver medal in the race in wheelchairs at a distance of 400 metres, is not going to resort to euthanasia immediately upon completion of the Paralympic games in Rio, contrary to some media reports.

When this athlete confirmed that her paperwork for euthanasia have long been signed, reports Euronews.

“It is very difficult to live when you feel as much pain and suffering such uncertainty. Every year I feel worse, so I’m very glad that my papers on euthanasia ready. But I’m still alive and still trying to enjoy every moment of life,” she said.

“We hope that other countries, such as Brazil, will be able to speak on this subject that it has ceased to be taboo. I signed all the papers back in 2008, and now in 2016, and yesterday I won a silver medal. It’s really amazing,” said the Vervortom.

Marieke the Vervortom / EPA

Marieke the Vervortom became the champion of the Paralympic games, held four years ago in London. She suffers from a progressive muscle disease. Euthanasia is legal in Belgium since 2002.

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