Spanish referee gay returns to refereeing, despite threats

Jesús Tonelero

The first openly gay referee Spain jesús Tonelero decided to return to service encounters, despite death threats.

Tonelero, was forced to leave the profession in may last year after continuous homophobic death threats, however, despite this, the Spaniard decided to return to refereeing. This weekend he officiated the match in one of the leagues of Spain.

Un sueño que poco a poco está rompiéndose que llevo desde los 10 años!!😭😡

– Jesús Tomillero B. (@Jesustomille) 12 Sep 2016

After the match, Tomilino the minutes recorded that from the stands constantly heard the word “Maricon”, which translates as ne*IR, or even tougher PI*op. It also appeared that the referee was hit by a new barrage of threats. Some of them look particularly convincing.

The newspaper Marca managed to get a few messages that were sent to the judges. Some individuals have already been identified, and at the moment they engaged the Spanish police.

It is unknown how the fate of the first open referee gay Spain, however, jesús Tonelero thinking of the next termination of a judicial career.

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