The German authorities want to install in airports and railway stations of the system of facial recognition

The Minister of internal Affairs of Germany Thomas de Mezieres offers to install in the country for surveillance systems at airports and railway stations software that would allow to recognize faces of passengers. He stated this in an interview with Bild am Sonntag, Deutsche Welle writes.

The system should identify potential intruders and enhance the security level in the country. If the shot some suspect, the program will signal.

Maiziere also called for a quick partial ban cloaks, excluding a total ban.

He also considers it necessary to ban the wearing of backpacks during mass events. According to him, this is not a restriction of freedom of citizens.

“Every visitor to museums have long been accustomed to that at the entrance he must pass the bag or backpack. We should get used to heightened security measures,” says de maizière.

In addition, he called for the speedy introduction of measures agreed in the “Berlin Declaration” of interior Ministers from the Christian Democrats. Among them is the intention to oblige Muslim women to open the face in certain areas of public life. All these measures are “reasonable and necessary”, - said the Minister.

“In certain areas of functioning of our legal system to show the person is needed and this should be required by law,” - said de Mezieres.

News on topic: Germany in blood: fire in the Munich massacre in Reutlingen and an explosion in Ansbach

Recall that on the morning of 22 March in Brussels, a series of explosions. Two explosions occurred in the departure hall of the airport “Zaventem”, bombs exploded at the metro station “Maalbeek”. Across the country declared the highest (4th) level of terrorist threat. Authorities declared three days of mourning. Then 32 people were killed and about 300 injured.


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