A shady deal. Whether the Church should interfere in politics

The comment of the representative of the Church about the Volyn massacre creates unnecessary tension in society, the expert believes

The political scientist Ruslan Bortnik commented on the incident with the statement of the representative of the UOC-KP regarding the Volyn massacre.

August 28-29, Michael (Zinkevich), Metropolitan of Lutsk and Volyn of the UOC-KP, sanctifying the Church in the tract Vovchak in Volhynia, where in the spring of 1943 was stationed Sich is one of the first units of the UPA under the command Klima of Savur (Dmitry Klyachkivskyy), said that poles should be afraid of the Ukrainians: “let them begin to Fear the other, we will remember what we’ve done here. Let the Diet take any decision, our heroes are our heroes.” Polish researchers consider the Savur responsible for the “Volyn massacre”.

- Michael was not only expressed the Common Declaration of the presidents of Ukraine and Poland of 25 August, which emphasizes the importance of constructive Ukrainian-Polish dialogue,” he questioned and the position of their leader — the head of UPTS KP Philaret, together with other political and religious leaders signed in June an appeal to the Polish politicians, which says “ask forgiveness and forgive the crimes and injustice committed against us,” — said in his commentary Ruslan Bortnik, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management, published in issue 33 of the magazine Reporter on September 2, 2016.

And this is not his first such statement. On August 29 TH meeting of the Military chaplains Volyn Mikhail called to fight against Russia on its territory, saying the “Ukrainian Kursk and Belgorod.

Coordinated if the Kyiv Patriarchate such statements with the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs or office of the President, which are extremely complex dialogue in the framework of the Minsk process and Channel four?

You see Michael, that this statement he framed the Ukrainian government, even win back the story of the alleged penetration into the Crimea saboteurs from Ukraine, efforts to prove to the world — problems with the implementation of the Minsk agreements come from Russia?

Given the fact that the words of a future war of conquest uttered the last representative of a religious organization that enjoys the favor of the authorities of Ukraine, — it can be used for a new round of information discrediting our country.

And yet it turns out like in the proverb, when stupid people were forced to pray to God… I am Convinced that churches of all denominations in Ukraine should avoid intervention in political Affairs, and policy in the Affairs of the Church, otherwise the society will be another fault line, which proves the Brest Union, will have to overcome hundreds of years.


This article was published in No. 33 of the journal Correspondent from September 2, 2016. Reprinting of publications of magazine Correspondent in full is prohibited. The rules of use of the magazine Reporter published on the website Корреспондент.net can be found here.


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