Allowed to use the Internet in prison

Prisoners will be able to use the Internet

Convicts will also allow you to read e-mail and receive a pension.

The convicted persons will be able to use the Internet and email under the control of the administration of prisons. Such a law under No. 2490а took MPs second reading. The law was supported by 238 deputies.

According to the explanatory note to the document, the law was prepared with the aim of legislative regulation of execution and serving of punishments. Also the aim of the draft law is to specify the order and conditions of serving the penalty of restriction and deprivation of liberty.

In particular, the law introduces amendments to the Criminal Executive code (CEC) of Ukraine, which convicts are given the right to use the Internet under the control of the administration of penal institutions. Prisoners are also unable to create a mailbox and use it under control. The latter acquainted with the contents of incoming and outgoing messages in case it is needed, taking into account individual risks of individual prisoners.

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While using the Internet, prisoners shall be prohibited from:

- to amend any information, including to send emails, comments, signs and the like, and to register on websites, unless you create and use an electronic mailbox in accordance with the law and necessary registration for use of the allowed sites.

- to create any database and storage disks, including virtual;

- to visit the social networking sites, sites that promote violence, of erotic or pornographic content, browse sites, which can have a negative impact on the mental state of the convicted person.

In addition, the law regulates issues of pension provision of persons convicted to deprivation of freedom, which in fact, according to current regulations of the PEC were not able to exercise the right to pension benefits. The document also makes changes to legislative acts of Ukraine, which provide the right pension provision for persons sentenced to restriction of liberty.

We will remind, today in the Parliament also proposed a ban on the name LC and DNR.


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