Golovko about the investigation into the “black accounting”: It is a political process with the purpose of blackmail

MP Mikhail Golovko believes that the investigation “black accounting”, ETC. is a political process with the purpose of blackmail. He said this broadcast “112 Ukraine”.

“The impression is that this is a political process that someone stained, or someone to put pressure and blackmail. We have created NABOO in order to work, and while we only see the statement”, - said Golovko.

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He also said that if the case involved deputies should be deprived of their immunity.

“Voters are interested in the result. If they (NABU - ed.) can’t put the clear or corrupt the people involved in the “Party of Regions”, it is necessary to check, check, plant. We use both hands. If it involved MPs we will vote, “Freedom” always voted for the deprivation of immunity. We believe that it is necessary to deprive of immunity of not only MPs, but also judges, etc.” - said the MP.

Recall, September 16, NABU has received the results of examinations in the case of “black accounting”, ETC. and prepared a number of suspicions.

Earlier people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko published piece “black accounting” ETC. Upon review of these documents, the Deputy reported that during the first half of 2012 the Party of regions spent about 66 million dollars.


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