In the Crimea after a search of the Crimean Tatar Refat Masarova taken in for questioning, ” Kurultai

In the occupied Crimea, OMON raided the house of the Crimean Tatar Refat Masarova, who was later taken in for questioning in Bakhchisarai police Department. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said the head of CEC of Kurultay of Crimean Tatar people Zair Smedlyaev.

The search began about 7:00 in the morning and lasted two hours.

“It was a riot, masks, uniforms, surrounded the area and began conducting a search of Masarova. The search took place within two hours, they kind of found something and took Masarova for questioning in the Bakhchisaray Department of the police,” said Smedlyaev.

He does not exclude that Nazarova was taken in for questioning on some matter.

“Someone may then accuse the sacrament to any attack or provocation”, - said the head of CEC of Kurultay.


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