Putin has appointed a new head of his administration: Who is Anton Vaino

Anton Vaino worked in the office of the President, and then in AP

In Russia Vladimir Putin today held a high-profile reshuffle, replacing the head of its administration. Loyal ally Sergei Ivanov was sent down, and the AP was led by one Anton Vaino, unknown to the General public. To understand the importance of this assignment, it is worth Recalling that in Russia the head of administration supervises elections and must ensure victory of the party in power. On the nose elections in the state Duma, and Putin for a month (!) until they change such an important person in the current Russian state. Why? Why Anton Vaino?

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Anton Vaino was born in Tallinn on 17 February 1972 (he is now 44 years old), graduated from MGIMO MFA of Russia, is fluent in English and Japanese. After graduation, he worked at the Russian Embassy in Japan, then in the second Department of Asian Affairs of Russia. After being promoted to the higher positions in the organizational management of the President.

8 October 2007 appointed Deputy chief of staff of the government of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin; oversaw the Department of the press service, information and Protocol of the government). I worked in the office including and under the guidance of one of the ideologists of the Kremlin Vyacheslav Volodin policy.

At the time, Vaino was replaced by Igor Sechin in the government

22 may 2012 was appointed Deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation.

State Councilor of the Russian Federation, 1st class (2008). In 2005 he received the thanks of the President of the Russian Federation for merits in the preparation and holding of festive events dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945.

Awarded the honorary diploma of the President of the Russian Federation for merits in supporting the activities of the Government of the Russian Federation and many years of diligent work (2012).

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Has a prominent pedigree. Father – Edward W. – former Vice-President for external relations and interaction with shareholders of “AVTOVAZ”, the ex-Chairman of the Business Council Russia–Cuba commercial and industrial Chamber of the Russian Federation. Grandfather – Karl Vaino – Soviet party figure. From 1978 to 1988 he was first Secretary of the Communist party of Estonia.

As you can see, the meteoric career of Anton Vaino began with studies in MGIMO of the MFA of Russia have been mainly children of former and new nomenclature. After the diplomatic wanderings Vaino was taken to the office of the President to study the Protocol and the subtleties of Russian politics. It is obvious that for a long time of Vaino “molded” perfect clerk the highest – ranking job in the government, then the increase in the President’s administration. Four years Vaino was sitting behind Ivanov in AP, but now suddenly Putin has decided to nominate him on the first role.

Anton Vaino long prepared for senior positions, working in the background but close to Putin

What a contrast: Ivanov – comes from the security forces, the army’s thinking and vocation, and Vaino, how to speak about it to colleagues (information from the Russian media), a soft and cultured man, a diplomat. A very strange twist of Putin. Although, if you follow the logic of appointments to the Russian President, he does not need the Almighty government officials behind, we need excellent performers, hungry and obliged him career. Reference Ivanov, representatives of the President in the field of ecology (!!) – it is a lesson to other senior officials. Vaughn, Dmitry Medvedev seriously risks losing the Premiership. But recently there have been rumors about the resignation of the chief of the Kremlin Department for cooperation with political parties of Marina Chechnevoy. And this is another clear signal of the dissatisfaction of Putin’s election campaign in Russia.

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According to another version, Ivanov left on their own, because his opinion has ceased to consider the issues of personnel assignment in the country. On the eve of the 2008 elections, Ivanov was regarded as a possible successor to Putin as President, but Putin made a bet on Medvedev. Then John was disappointed, but obeyed. Vladimir Putin said that in the current situation, Ivanov asked to assign it to a new post and recommended in its place Vaino. In this could believe in other realities, but not in Russian.

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  1. Here in the west, what passes for “globalist” thinking, comes from sources like the Chatham House think tank, in London, and the Brookings Institute in Washington. These sources seem to be applauding Putin’s move. Must we assume that this move is one in favor of an authoritarian internationalism based on the new strengthening of ties to Turkey and Iran … and a rejection of the new populism taking hold slowly all over the world? Donald Trump, Brexit, etc., perhaps even a step backward from Russian autonomy and national interest?

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