Pogroms in Loshchynivka: Gypsies under the protection of brought things

The locals don’t let the ROMs.

Some Roma returned to the village Loshchynivka Odessa region to take their property after the brutal murder of the girl, which I suspect 20-year-old Gypsy, according to Вessarabiainform.

As noted, for the things Gypsies sent three women and a child. Gypsy loaded their few belongings and dogs in the truck, provided the village Council, and hastily left the territory of the village in a taxi, accompanied by a police transport.

“Things were taken from only one house. The compound is heavily guarded by police and fighters of a specialbattalion “Storm”. Loading things was controlled by the village head Viktor Paskalov. Local residents to the eviction no let - close to home in this moment one of the villagers was not”, - stated in the message.

Will Roma take things from other houses is unknown.

We will remind, after the resonant murder in the village erupted into massive protests. Residents of Loshchynivka staged a pogrom the Romani houses were damaged, 7-8 structures. The police agreed to evict the Roma from the village at the request of local communities.

The Ombudsman stood up for the Roma from Loshchynivka



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