Sea Breeze-2019: three aircraft with the US military left Odessa

Sea Breeze-2019: три самолета с военными США покинули Одессу

Three US military aircraft departed from Odessa

From Odessa airport flew three aircraft from the U.S. military who participated in the Sea Breeze.

The American participants of the international exercises Sea Breeze - 2019 left today three military transport aircraft C-130 Hercules from the Odessa airport in the United States, reports UKRINFORM.

“The personnel of the American units, participated in exercise Sea Breeze - 2019, departed July 15 from the airport on three military transport aircraft C-130 Herkules. On the side, arrived to Odessa on Sunday, it was also loaded with military equipment and gear. Third Herkules headed for the US in 14 hours”, - explained in the Odessa international airport.

As reported naval exercises sea breeze-2019 are from 1 to 12 July. This year the exercise involved more than 3 thousand servicemen from 19 countries. The military will fulfill the tasks according to NATO standards – on land, on water, under water and in the air. The exercises will take place in Odessa, Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

It also became known that the Russian military watch NATO ships in the Black sea. They use antisubmarine ship Kasimov and the Inquisitive patrol.

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