Shakhtar Vs Manchester City 2:0. Online

Шахтер - Манчестер Сити 2:0. Онлайн

Shakhtar vs Manchester city - UEFA Champions League, watch online 6 December at 21:45.

Fred received the ball after a pass ismaily and shot from four metres on goal.Shakhtar Donetsk in the sixth and final round of the group stage of the Champions League will meet with the British “Manchester city”.

The match will be held in Kharkiv, at Metalist stadium.

Корреспондент.net will hold an online broadcast of the match.

Teams already guaranteed a place in the next round, scoring five wins in previous five matches in the Champions League. Shakhtar also in absentia will contest the second ticket to the playoffs with the Italian “Napoli”. To exit the group, the miners need to win the wards of Josep Guardiola.

A text stream

Shakhtar won 2:0 and, while solving all their tournament tasks, the main thing is not hard to relax in the second half. City play today is not particularly configured.

45. The first half came to an end.

44. In center field, the miner just breaks Toure and Gundogan. Now again broke through Fred, to strike brought by Facundo, but hit forward slightly.

43. Tyson beats two and hits the crossbar again.

41. Pyatov saves miners. Jesus was taken alone, but to beat the Ukrainian Keeper he failed.

40. Shakhtar again dangerous attacks. Fred received the ball after a pass ismaily and shot from four metres on target came in Mangala.

38. Dangerous! Danilo crossed to the centre to Jesus, but in the hands of Pyatov took the ball.

33. Maybe the coach of the Brazilian national team for each match of the miner arrive?

32. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPER!!! A terrible mistake from Ederson, he went out of the gate, like was first on the ball, but played somehow awkward and ismaily scored into an empty net.

30. City while only earning a corner that came to nothing lead.

28. Bernard could do a double. Tyson after the error Mangala broke up the attack, rolled on Bernard, but Ederson of the British spas.

27. My teams very sleepy, and Vice versa miner plays very tight. Well, miners and need more.

26. At the match, by the way, is the main coach of the national team of Brazil. Bernard has just revealed showmanship. Long time he for the national team did not play.

25. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!! Shakhtar were sharper and scored. Bernard curled shot from Ederson throws! Great goal!

20. And no Tyson is all right, only it broke up the attack, ran away from Yaya Toure is very easy, roll out to Marlos, and he shot straight into the hands of Ederson.

18. The chance of a miner in fast counterattacks.

16. The miner is very compact in their own half, and the Teams do not really understand how to build the attack, in the absence of the leaders of De Bruyne and David Silva.

13. Corner city to nothing lead.

10. Bernard piled up on the flank, with compatriot Danilo tried.

8. Tyson is the captain of the miner, it seems, was injured. Pulled hamstring, but replacement yet.

6. The chances of a miner, made their way to the gate Stepanenko, given to Ferreira, but he hit the defender.

4. City plays three Central defenders, one of which Fernandinho. And, of course, Bayern keeps the ball a lot.

3. The first blow from miner in taison, much above the gate.

2. Very important match for Shakhtar, at least not to lose. But city are now located.

1. The match has started.

The composition of the miner all is clear - on the strongest performers. Have Teams of players only Ederson and Fernandinho. The composition is not optimal, the team of Guardiola, but still impressive. Although Alarabiya and Foden out the basis of the city for the first time.

The teams:

Shakhtar: Pyatov - Butko, Ordets, Rakitskiy, Ismaily, Fred, Stepanenko, Marlos, Taison, Bernard, Ferreyra.

Manchester City: Ederson - Danilo, Mangala, Alarabiya - Fernandinho, Toure - B. Silva, Gundogan, Foden, San - BOM Jesus

At the stadium “Metalist” all ready for the big football.

In the previous round of the Champions League Shakhtar lost to Napoli with the score 3:0.

For the Manchester city match has no tournament value, but the team arrived in Kharkiv in the strongest composition.

“I promise you, we came to win. Tomorrow we will do everything to win. To win we will play on Sunday in the match against Manchester United. Sooner or later, we will lose. It would upset us, but we get some dinner, then have Breakfast and continue your journey on to be stronger and better. Of course, we will do everything possible to get into the Champions League final. Before the game with Shakhtar in Manchester, I saw exactly what expected. As a coach for 7 or 8 times met with a miner. Tomorrow will be the same game. Complex. I saw the game miner with Napoli. Shakhtar lost, but in the first half we played well,” said city head coach Josep Guardiola.

Composed of miners, he identified taison, Marlos and ismaily.

Midfielder Donetsk club Bernard believes that Shakhtar will get his, if it is to play relaxed and in an attacking manner.

“No wonder they say: the best defense is attack. We will be true to their own game ideas. The main goal is to qualify from the group. No matter, a draw or win. I can assure you that Shakhtar will not be afraid to play,” said the Brazilian.

The bookies think Shakhtar is favorite for this match. On the victory of “miners” can be supplied with a ratio of 2.37, at the same time draw estimated coefficient of 3.40 and the victory of “citizens” - 2,90.