The majority of Ukrainians are dissatisfied with their salary - survey

Большинство украинцев недовольны своей зарплатой - опрос

Only every tenth Ukrainian earned enough money

Only every tenth Ukrainian, and 12%, lack of money earned. Among women dissatisfied with their salary was more than men.

The majority of working citizens of Ukraine, namely 85%, is dissatisfied with his wages. This is evidenced by data survey Research & Branding Group, says Mirror weeks Tuesday, March 13.

Thus, only every tenth Ukrainian - 12% - lack of money earned.

While a slightly larger number of those who is not enough of the money, women, and “forties” and “fifties” of the population. Relatively less to residents of the regional centers.

The study was conducted by R&B from 7 to 16 February 1801 2018 among people across the territory of Ukraine, except Crimea, and LDNR.

Большинство украинцев недовольны своей зарплатой - опрос



We will remind, earlier it was reported that women in the EU a better education, and earn less.

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