Zelensky revealed the secret of their bracelets

Bracelets Zelensky noticed during the visit to Odesa region

The President plans to wear bracelets with names are in captivity in Russia sailors before they return to Ukraine.

President Vladimir Zelensky intend to wear bracelets with names taken prisoner in Russia Ukrainian sailors to return them to Ukraine. He said this on his page in Facebook.

“About the yellow bracelets “club”. On them - the names of our captured sailors. Will wear them until then, until we return the boys home,” he wrote.

To the post Zelensky attached a picture, where on one hand he has a bracelet with the name of Yuri Buzilo, and the second - Vladimir Tereshchenko.

With these bracelets Zelensky noticed during the visit to Odesa region. Then, the network put forward different theories about the origin of the bracelets, one of which was the visit of the President of the nightclub.

Will be released before the election? What happens to the sailors

Recall, July 11 Zelensky first talked with Putin. A telephone conversation was held on the initiative of the Ukrainian side. The Kremlin said the conversation took about 20 minutes and was “pragmatic.”


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