99 Ukraine celebrates unification Day: the program

Ukraine 22 January 2018 99 times celebrates the proclamation of the Act of reunification Ukrainian people’s Republic and Western Ukrainian people’s Republic. In Kiev on the occasion, organized a program of events.

Since the celebration of the first Day of unity in Ukraine was 99 years old. This day was proclaimed the independence of the Ukrainian people’s Republic.

In Kiev will host a series of events dedicated to the holiday.

10:30 begin the ceremony of laying flowers to the monuments of the poet Taras Shevchenko and historian M. S. Grushevsky. Participation of the first persons of the state. President Petro Poroshenko will join the solemn meeting devoted to Day of unity and the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of independence of the UNR at 12:00.

Thematic exhibition about the history of the UNR and ZUNR will present in Kiev museums and libraries. Also in the capital you can visit the readers ‘ conferences, book and photo exhibitions of similar subjects.

On Khreshchatyk deployed the long flag of Ukraine in the framework of “Unite Ukraine”. It will be held on the sidewalk of the street from European square to Bessarabskaya square.

Also, the action “Day of unity of Ukraine” is scheduled for the bridge Paton.

In Kiev will be closed on exit from the underpass of the station Theatre to the Museum of history of Kiev from 8:00 until the end of the Day of unity of Ukraine.